4b. Identify indicators attributable to particular players

See screenshot below

4b. Identify indicators attributable to particular players 

Some indicators may be able to be attributed to (proved that they have been caused by) particular players.  

Have a look at the Explanation page if you want more information on attributable indicators.

Depending on the type of outcomes-focused contracting being used (see Step 9 below), changes in attributable indicators are usually what a player is actually contracted to deliver. Having identified attributable indicators at this stage, they can be used for discussions about contracting as part of Easy Outcomes Step 9. 

The screenshot above shows indicators which are attributable to the Waiting Staff marked with a W. There may be an interesting debate in this step as to exactly which indicators are, and are not, attributable, rather than potentially influencable by particular players*. 

For instance, those contracting the Waiting Staff may want the indicator - Response on written scale 1-5 'was the food satisfactory' to be an indicator which Waiting Staff are held to account for. However, Waiting Staff (depending on the type of outcomes-focused contracting (see Step 9 below) being used) may argue that while they potentially influence that step, they do not control it.

It all depends on whether the  Party Hosts decided to spend enough money on a sufficiently expensive menu option for the guests. Therefore, the Waiting Staff will argue that they should not be held to account for the indicator for that step, but they would usually be happy to be held to account for the indicator for lower level steps such as Food at correct temperature and Circulates around room every 5 minutes.   

*See the Explanation page for discussion of the difference.

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