5b. List evaluation questions going to be answered

See screenshot below

5b. List evaluation questions going to be answered

Work out which of the possible evaluation questions you came up with in the last step you're going to try to answer. One of the important differences between Easy Outcomes and most other monitoring and evaluation approaches is that it makes clear which evaluation questions you are NOT going to attempt to answer in addition to the ones you are going to try to answer. This is a very effective way of making sure that stakeholders are absolutely clear about what questions you are and are not going to be attempting. 

• Don't just assume that you have to answer high level outcome evaluation questions. Discuss with your funding or controlling organization whether or not you should be trying to answer these. Often it would be better if the funding agency evaluated them across a number of the programs they're funding.

In the screenshot each evaluation question from the previous step is discussed and a decision made about whether you're going to try to answer it.

Setting your thinking out in this was means that you can always justify your decisions to stakeholders now and in the future.

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