5e. Identify evaluation methods for evaluation projects

See screenshot below

See screenshot below

5e. List evaluation methods for evaluation projects

The Easy Outcomes template provides a list of possible evaluation methods (e.g. focus groups, questionnaires), timing for using the method (before, during and/or after the program) and types of analysis (e.g. statistical, qualitative etc) which you can use to answer evaluation questions within any of the evaluation projects you have listed in the previous step. 

The screenshot above shows the Easy Outcomes template slice (page) from which you can select the methods you will use for a particular project. The second screenshot shows the methods which are going to be used in in Evaluation Project 1: Party Expert Judgement Design which have been copied and pasted from the template onto this new slice (page).  

Note that the method of analysis has been included after each method and that empty boxes have been left for before and after so that the reader can very quickly see the timing of when the methods are going to be used.

In a read world example you could add additional information about the methods which on being used on this or on additional slices (pages) detailing the evaluation project methods. 

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