5a. Put evaluation questions onto the model

See screenshot below

How to map indicators onto an outcomes model

5a. Put evaluation questions onto the model

Put all the important evaluation questions you can think of onto your outcomes model.

Put them next to the outcomes they focus on. This means you won't get fooled into thinking that two differently worded evaluation questions are different when in fact they are the same.* 

• Include both outcome evaluation questions (asking about your effect on high level outcomes) and non-outcome evaluation questions (asking about how to improve what you're doing or asking about how the process works). 

• Don't worry at this stage if you can, or can't, answer these evaluation questions.

• If you want to be able to do certain types of economic analysis later on you need to include the evaluation question: How much did it cost to do this activity?

In the screenshot, evaluation questions have been mapped onto your model.

Check out the video on the right to see how to map your evaluation questions onto your outcomes model.

*For instance, 'Did the program work?' and 'Did the program achieve its outcomes?' are usually the same question. 

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