4a. Put indicators onto the model

See screenshot below

Mapping indicators onto an outcomes model

4a. Put indicators onto the model 

Put any indicators you can think of onto the outcomes model next to the outcomes or steps they measure.

• Indicators are routinely collected measures of outcomes or steps.

• You may or may not be collecting these indicators at the moment. You may decide to turn ones you're not collecting at the moment into indicator projects. 

Use the picture you now have of what indicators you are, or are planning to collect, to think carefully about whether it would be better to collect different indicators. 

In the screenshot above, the line links have been turned off so that there is space for indicators to be put on the diagram. Indicators have been put next to the steps and outcomes they are related to. If you do not visualize indicators in this way, you and your stakeholders will usually have no real idea of whether you're just collecting information on the easily measurable or on the most important steps and outcomes. 

Check out the video on right to see how to map your indicators onto your outcomes model. 

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