2b. Check the evidence for the model

Incorporating evidence into your outcomes model

See screenshot below

2b. Check the evidence for the model

Next you can summarize any evidence you, or others, have about the connection between steps, or between steps and outcomes in your outcomes logic model. Sometimes people commission outside researchers to find what evidence exists for certain parts of their models.

The evidence can be from previous research, or from previous experience which has not been written up as research. Some links between steps in your model will be so self-evident that you will not need evidence for them. Stakeholders may have different demands about the type of evidence they will accept. The technical difficulty of proving a link also needs to be considered.  

The screenshot above shows the evidence for a set of links within the model. This evidence is stored in a DoView record associated with each link. The screenshot is part of a PDF of the model which has been created by DoView (it's not a screenshot of what you see inside DoView). The first few lines in the screenshot are the end of the listing of all links between steps in the model and then follows the list of evidence for those links in the model for which evidence has been entered.

Check out the video on the right which will show you how to incorporate evidence into your outcomes model.

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