10. Use your model for reporting back

See screenshot below

See screenshot below

10. Use your model for reporting back 

The final step in Easy Outcomes is  using the visualized outcomes logic model in DoView to report back on progress being made in various contexts. When doing this reporting back, the targets and success criteria developed in Step 4c: Identifying targets and success criteria will be used. Such reporting will include: 

1. Reporting back on progress on indicators of steps and outcomes. 

See the first screenshot above for an example.

2. Reporting back findings on evaluation questions.

In a subsequent strategic planning period when Easy Outcomes Step 2b. Outcomes logic model evidence is being reviewed, evidence which has been produced as a result of answering previous evaluation questions, can be summarized and put into the record associated with the evaluation project and/or the record associated with the relevant step, outcome or link. This information can be seen in the record-table when the model is dataprojected in the strategic planning meeting. Reporting back on evaluation projects in this way ensures that the 'loop is closed' in the sense of evaluation findings being fed directly into further program development and strategic thinking. This, in turn, provides the mechanism for an organization or program to operationalize and embed the concept of being a 'Learning Organization'*.

See the second screenshot above for an example. At the bottom of the screenshot is part of the record-table which shows a summary of the findings from Evaluation Project 2: Focus Groups on the music and alcohol guests would prefer.  

3. When reporting back on progress with a contract

When reporting back on a contract, an Easy Outcomes DoView model could be submitted as part of contract reporting. This could include notations of progress on contracted indicators and more detailed notes in the record-table discussing variations from what was contracted. All this information would be available in a dataprojected version of the model at all contract reporting meetings.  

Such reporting back would look like the first screenshot above. Those being contracted could note on the indicators which of the contracted indicators they wanted to discuss with those who contracted them. Details of the issues they wanted to discuss would be in the record-table.   

*A 'Learning Organization' is one which has mechanisms in place to ensure that whatever new information it finds out is fed directly into decision-making. It is often difficult to ensure this actually happens in practice and the Easy Outcomes approach can be an effective mechanism for ensuring that it does. 

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