3b. Map current or planned activities

See screenshot below

Mapping multiple projects/ activities onto an outcomes model

3b. Map current or planned activities

You can map your current or planned projects or activities back onto your outcomes logic model to work out how comprehensively you are targeting outcomes.  

In the top screenshot above, are listed a set of activities which could be undertaken. One of these - Staff supervision - is highlighted. If you look at the lower screenshot you can see that this activity has been mapped* onto the steps and outcomes it is hoped it will achieve - Food prepared to adequate standard and food and drinks adequately distributed etc. The steps which it is hoped will result from the activity area marked with a link icon - an inverted V on their bottom edge.

This is very powerful, particularly in a situation where you have a number of projects (activities) undertaken by a number of separate organizations which have had their objectives specified in different ways. Building a common outcomes logic model and then mapping the projects (activities) back onto the model in this way provides a common outcomes set for the set of projects. It allows much better coordination and strategic thinking about where there may, or may not, be duplication or where more effort is needed. 

Check out the video on right to see how you can map multiple activities onto your outcomes model (the video talks in terms of projects - but it can be done in exactly the same way with activities within a project or program).

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