We want you to use Easy Outcomes as much as possible. You are free to use the material on this website for most commercial or non-commercial purposes. You can do the following:

• You are a paid consultant and want to use the approach as part of your paid consultancy work with a client

• You are working for a corporation, non-profit or public sector organization and want to use it to evaluate programs

• You are an academic and want to teach students how to do monitoring and evaluation using the approach

• You want to implement Easy Outcomes using any standard generic office software you like

• You want to refer to parts of this material in a publication of some sort or on a web site.

Simply use the material and acknowledge its source as: Easy Outcomes (

However, you cannot do either of the following:

• Put the bulk of this material into a physical or electronic publication of any sort or onto another web site without our permission.

• Build a software product which incorporates the bulk of the Easy Outcomes approach without our permission.

If you want to do either of these, get in touch to discuss it with us. 

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